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A New NUI - Tobii Eyetracking Hardware

Play A New NUI - Tobii Eyetracking Hardware

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    Playing an asteriod style game in this fashion is almost unfair.  Does Bill Buxton have this in his collection?

    Btw, this is partially what I would like to see Kinect for PC enable.  Hopefully there is some collaboration around this scenario.

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    This is great, my work would be so much easier with this.

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    @USArcher: I didn't see any eyetrack hardware in Bill's collection, but I'd be surprised if he didn't have one somewhere. Smiley


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    Steve Wortham

    I loved the asteroid game.  Anders is Superman, burning asteroids with his eyes.

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    Very nice.

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    Pretty cool technology.
    Blink once two select, double blink to execute action Wink

    Oh, and your boss will know exactly how long did you spend in front of the monitor looking at the code versus watching videos on C9 [blink, blink]

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    At a point in that video it looked like he had to hove his head to make it respond.
    Looks iffy to me. I rarely move my head at all when in front of the computer.

    Btw what about multi-monitor support ? That would be very important to me.

    The resolution needs to increase if its going to be more useful thou.
    To something more like a small led in a laptop (to begin with).

    Until then it's just overpriced flaky useless hardware...
    Like surface with its looooong response time.

    Sorry but you need to hear this now so you can fix the problems before release.

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    tobii are really cool Smiley they should really release their hardware as a stand alone device though..


    oh, they already have Smiley thats cool, hope they'll release it soon

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    Amazing work, could also be used for serious games in health care.

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    The guys in Stockholm sure are doing a great job, unfortunately it's not consumer market yet, the cheapest version (30Hz) is $7,000. The faster and more accurate models are about $25,000. That goes for most commercial eye tracking systems, Tobii is not the only one but they have a clear ambition to scale the business. I guess in 2-3 years or so before it's a Kinect. There are some cheaper alternatives like Mirametrix available, around $4000 but it's nowhere near the accuracy of a Tobii. I've seen some promising developments in the open source community, primarily by the EyeWriter project (os x) and the (Win.) However, it takes a pretty good camera and infrared illumination to pull it off.

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    Greg Zobel

    Mr. Gaze,

    Grinbath is preparing to show prototypes of our eye tracking gear in about a month at UPA 2011: it's very affordable at just under $1,500. I mention it because price point has prevented a lot of people from reaping the benefits of eye tracking research. We hope to make eye tracking available to everyone.

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