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ASP.NET MVC With Community Tools Part 10: AutoMapper

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In this video, Brandon Satrom continues the screencast series "Using ASP.NET MVC With Community Tools" with an overview of AutoMapper, an OSS tool created by Jimmy Bogard with the goal of making object-to-object mapping simple, conventional and configurable. Brandon will demonstrate how you can quickly integrate AutoMapper into an MVC application, and use it to map from Domain objects to ViewModel objects.

To install AutoMapper, just type install-package AutoMapper in the Package Manager Console. To learn more, check out:

For other episodes in this series, check out:

Also visit Brandon's blog at or follow Brandon on Twitter at @BrandonSatrom



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The Discussion

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    the dude

    the background music is really distrating, hard to focus on what i being said.

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    @the dude, sorry about that. Tried to get the audio a low as possible to not be distracting.

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    Vivek Ragunathan

    What's this? A promo video for something. Background music and all is very distracting and sucks.

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    @Vivek, sorry you find the music distracting. The  music fades out past the first few minutes, so you can jump forward right to the demo if you wish.


    In the meantime, I'll double-check the audio volume and see if it should be changed.

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