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ASP.NET MVC With Community Tools Part 7: ie9ify

Play ASP.NET MVC With Community Tools Part 7: ie9ify
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NOTE: On May 11, 2011, ie9ify was renamed to pinify and released as version 1.2. Go to for updated docs and the new version.

In this video, Brandon Satrom continues the screencast series "Using ASP.NET MVC With Community Tools" with an overview of ie9ify, a new jQuery Plugin (created by Brandon and Clark Sell) that makes is dead simple to add new IE9 features (site pinning, overlay icons, jumplists and tasks, thumbbar buttons, etc.) to your web sites. Brandon will talk briefly about site pinning before using ie9ify to add some compelling features to an MVC3 Photo Gallery site in a matter of minutes.

To download ie9ify, check out:

For other episodes in this series, check out:

Also visit Brandon's blog at or follow Brandon on Twitter at @BrandonSatrom




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The Discussion

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    Those that are wondering, the source is available at the above codeplex site when you download the zip file.  Also just a warning to those trying this out, I somehow managed to download a version that didn't have all the methods implemented so I was getting all sorts of errors.  Then I downloaded the latest and everything worked fine.

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    @S52M3, Thanks for the comment. I saw that you modified this from when I read it earlier, but I can tell you that I do have an MVC-specific sample that is a bit-more in-depth than the basic sample included with the source. I'll push that to BitBucket today or tomorrow and post a link here.

    Also, sorry to hear you had an issue with an earlier version. Where did you get it? Do let me know if I have a pointer wrong somewhere and I'll correct it.

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    @BrSatrom: You're right eventually I figured out that I was using the wrong .js file.  Take a look at the JQuery plugins site; I believe you link to 3 different zip files there, 2 of which I believe are missing code.  I just pop them open and search for "isPinned".  It's not found in 1.2 zip and in one of the 1.0 zips.

    BTW, I played with this in my webforms project and it's great, thank you.  Just that Windows Auth issue I posted about on the codeplex site.

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    @S52M3: Thanks for that, I hadn't gotten to the plugins site yet, that's fixed now, so thanks for letting me know. Thanks for the feedback and we'll keep looking at your issue over on the project site.

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    For reference, the demo source for this screencast can be found at:

    And here's a link to the _Layout.cshtml that holds my ie9ify script:

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