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ASP.NET Web Platform Firestarter (Part 3 of 6): The Web Platform Smorgasbord

Play ASP.NET Web Platform Firestarter (Part 3 of 6): The Web Platform Smorgasbord
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Join us for this relaxed but rapid-fire look at a variety of web topics, including tools and tech.

Watch these recorded sessions and get up to speed with ASP.NET web development, going from zero to sixty in one day. Whether you’re just starting out or are already on the web and looking for the latest developments, this technical content will take you through a progression of sessions, all focused on developing with the Microsoft Web Platform.

Presenters: G. Andrew Duthie, Senior Developer Evangelist, and Rachel Appel, Senior Developer Evangelist; Microsoft Corporation

Part 1: To the Web with ASP.NET 4 Web Forms
Part 2: Looking at ASP.NET MVC
Part 3: The Web Platform Smorgasbord
Part 4: Introducing WebMatrix
Part 5: Evaluating your Web Options
Part 6: Creating Effective Websites with ASP.NET



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    I found this part the most informative so far as it takes one back to the basics of MVC as you can get lost in the complexity of everything else around it.

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