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A Look Behind the Art of Touch Site

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Recently the hardware team got together with ZAAZ and built a very interesting HTML5 site called  The site lets you create and share digital art on a canvas, inspired by Microsoft's line of Touch mice. I sat down with Scott Moir, Director of Technology at ZAAZ to find out more about the site, how they created it and look at some of the features like social sharing and the ability to render your artwork to be printed as a 2' x 3' piece of art.



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The Discussion

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    Link in the description above has a dot at the end hence producing a HTTP 400 Bad Request.

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    Super cool site once you get there though by the way. Smiley

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    @ChromaticRanger: fixed Smiley


    but it is seriously an awesome site! I am having too much fun with the create section.

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    It'd be cool to port it to the Kinect...

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    cole peterson

    This is bad *!!!

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    cole peterson

    I meant. this is really cool!!!

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    Great more american favoritism...

    Not very nice to make an ad of a site, were you can win prizes, on a site like c9 that is a global international site. For devs all around the world. At least that's what it were in the beginning when c9 started. is really only for the american citizens. The rules say you can't compete if you're not an american. So it's not a global site.

    Aren't there legal rules against this sort of discrimination based on where you live ?

    Anyway in the future if you want to make an ad for a site, on channel9, make sure that site is for everyone.
    No, everyone doesn't mean all 50 states it means for the whole planet, stupid !

    Internet is global and everything on internet should be global or it shouldn't be on internet in the first place !

    This is hulu all over again Sad

    I wanted to compete too Sad

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