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    Three questions:

    - Is there a way to configure an embedded Office document to go fullscreen as opposed to a popup browser window?  I prefer how the vast majority of web content viewers/players work.

    - Are you looking to support playing Slideshow from the embedded PowerPoint viewer?

    - Are you looking to support viewing pen/ink in OneNote web app?

    Btw, I really hope you add XPS and/or PDF viewers to the Office Web App suite.


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    Why isn't this free like ?

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    @bob: How did you come to the conclusion that it is not free?

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    @Stilgar: I heard it in another video, are you saying it is free ? Or is the demo free as in limited features. well it doesn't matter limited features is nearly as bad as not free so google docs it is...

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    featrue limited demo ?? now where is that come from ??? stop FUD please !
    AFAIK the OWA on SkyDrive, aka Office Live, is completely free, without feature limits, even the online storage limit is way larger than Google Docs,
    the paid version of OWA is intergrated with SharePoint, just like paid version of Google Apps.

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    Why does Word 2010 have a Save to Web but not an Open from Web???  When you save, it adds a link to your recent files.  If you clear your recent files, there is no Open from Web.  Users must navigate to SkyDrive, find the file, and then open it in Word from there.  Why not support seamless Open from Web from within Word?

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