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At look at the Lync SDK with Marcelo Farjalla

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Marcelo Farjalla is a program manager with Microsoft Lync. The Microsoft Lync 2010 SDK is a client API and set of UI controls that allows you to directly include communications in business process applications.  You can embed UI controls and control conversations, extend the Lync conversation UI, conduct contextual conversations, and customize stand-alone applications.  I asked Marcelo to tell us about the Lync API, what you can do with it, and show us a demo of his Communications Plug-in for Visual Studio sample application.

For more information about the Lync 2010 SDK, visit  






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The Discussion

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    Norman Shey

    So can I add spell check to this with the SDK? I mean what freaking IM client doesn't have spell check these days?

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    Norman - yes, you can do that, by hosting a Silverlight Lync SDK application in the Conversation Window Extension.  Sounds like a fun project.  It would be similar to the Translator sample application.

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    @Norman Shey: To be fair, that's a Windows-wide problem. We need full spell-check integration for the OS as a whole.

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    "High Quality WMV" file is incomplete
    I have tried several times to download it with no success, this file is just broken :(

    Can you please start verifying the files ?

    This have happened several times now with other videos too.

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    @Ron: I am able to view the High Quality WMV. 

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    @Norman Shey: Here is an article that shows how to add a spell checker.

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    I am planning to build a chat application that communicates with lync client,means chat application will be on website which sees all available users in lync and chat with them.Which is the better way for this?Can i go for lync client sdk or ucma 3.0?

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    Depends on whether or not you expect the Lync rich client to be on the end user's machine. If it is then the Lync client SDK talked about in this video would be a viable option. Otherwise you'd best be looking at UCMA however the cost will be considerably larger going down this path. Much more complex since you are not leveraging the client endpoint.

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    Hi, I am developing a seat plan website for my company. It is written in ASP.NET in Visual Studio 2010. I have downloaded the Lync SDK. I have two frames on my site - one contains the plan and the second contains the SilverLight Contact Search box from Lync. Now when a type a user into the Lync search box it works fine. however how would I go about - auto populating the search box with a name depending on who is clicking on the map above? Many Thanks.

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    I have watched a number of videos online with you about the Lync SDK. Its great and I have used it, in my seat plan webiste I developed for my company. I used a search box binded with a results list and when a name is clciked on the seat plan map, it passes the persons name into the search back and then pulls back all there Lync details - it is great.

    However - i was hoping to develop this further on the Client side. Is it possible and could you perhaps point me to any URL or code to do this - what I want to do is pull back and then possibly manipulate the data that is on the Lync GUI. So a persons satuts, i.e. -Busy, Do Not Disturb, etc - is it possibly for me to pull back there status to say a text field for example and then maybe hit a button that would change there status from Available to Busy. Another Question I have is, is it possible to create you own personalized statuses?

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