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Inside MSR's Chronozoom with Rane Johnson.

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How do you best present history that spans billions of years? That was the challenge taken on by MSR recently with Chronozoom. The resulting site presents a multimedia timeline using DeepZoom through HTML5 to explore significant events across a variety of curated collections from the best professors and presenters around the world. I stopped by Rane Johnson's office at MSR to talk about her project, the challenges of DeepZooming 2 billion years per second in HTML, as well as some of the work she is doing to engage with students to get them excited about science and technology.



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The Discussion

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    Awesome stuff. I've been meaning to check this out for a while but didn't get around to it until now.

    I do wonder why HTML/JS was chosen as a platform, especially since it apparently poses the performance problems Rane mentions. Why not a native/managed app that you install locally? Wouldn't that have eased development a great deal?

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