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Benko on the Microsoft Touch Mouse

Play Benko on the Microsoft Touch Mouse

The Discussion

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    Looks better than Magic Mouse from Apple. Is it going to work with osx?

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    @radg: it would work as a normal mouse, but gestures only work on Windows 7.

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    Don Antonio

    Looks promising and I hope that the left and right mouse click works as expected. When will it be available in Europe?

    @Larry: This zooming in and out during the interview is really annoying

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    Indeed, that looks promising. Two concerns I have so far:

    - How correct it interprets user actions? For example you may just put your finder over its surface and it will be recognized as a mouse click.

    - And also I am worried about its ability to scroll large documents properly. For example when you need to scroll a huge document that is essential to be able hit a scroll wheel one time and allow it to scroll the document gradually until you stop it, by putting mouse over a rotating wheel (this is how it works in regular mouse). Based on video presentations you can't do it this way with Microsoft Touch Mouse. When you slide finger down it scrolls a relatively small portion of a document, even if you slide as fast as you can, forcing you to slide your finger several times before reaching the end of large document.



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    Thomas Mutzl

    Now waiting for gestures on the Arc Touch mouse...

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    @koistya: The mouse is built to be a solid everyday mouse for typical Windows users, so I think you'd be pleasantly surprised how well it interprets user actions. There is a mechanical button for clicking, so putting your finer on the mouse won't click anything.

    As for scrolling, it works with inertia. Best way to describe it is how scrolling works on many phones today; throw the page hard and it scrolls fast and long, little flicks scroll a little at a time.

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    Apple's Magic Mouse ripp off, and on top of that they also ripped off Apple's Expose. 
    Great innovations Microsoft! 

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