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Branching and Merging Guidance for Team Foundation Server

Play Branching and Merging Guidance for Team Foundation Server

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    We are working on MVC 4 project with TFS2012 and VS2012. We
    compile the project into a folder and copy and paste it to the server for
    deployment. If the app has bugs, where do I find the changeset number in
    the server? so that I can get the correct code version from TFS. I know I
    can manually create text file with changeset number in it. Is there any
    way to automate numbering compile code?

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    I am being asked to create TFS version control for an insurance company. Each client has multiple procedures, package and functions to generate letters. Is it possible to group all of these different packages and procedures for one client into one Main Change order and branch and merge off of it, or would each separate procedure need it's own change order. We are using Toad for Oracle. Multiple extract, Transform and load procedures per client.
    For example the Security Benefit client prints 30 different PDF designs so 31 different procedures at a minimum just for Load procedure for one letter type.

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