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Bruce Worthington: Power Efficiency in Windows 8 and Beyond

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In developing Windows 8, power efficiency was a primary engineering theme. This means that all aspects of the system were designed and developed with efficient power usage in mind. It's paid off—Windows 8 is the most power efficient version of Windows to date. 

In this video, Windows Development Lead Bruce Worthington, an OS power and performance expert who leads a team of engineers working on Windows power management fundamentals, sits down with us to share the story of power efficiency in Windows 8. The renewed focus on power has paid off and is evident across the Windows ecosystem—from Windows on tablets, notebooks, hybrids, and desktops to Windows running in the data center.

Huge thanks
to Bruce for this excellent conversation!

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The Discussion

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    Bruce is an excellent presenter. I would love to see more data (numbers). Is there a Windows power blog?

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    @deiruch: I don't think so. Or, I don't know.

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    Have you or are you considering power management through CPU underclocking. Especially concurrent with many of your other power management enhancements such as "Connected Standby", coalesced network/disk activity, coalesced timers, etc?

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