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Building Awesome Apps for Windows 7: Overview

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Windows 7 represents an amazing opportunity for application developers. Since shipping just one year ago, more than 240 million licenses of Windows 7 have been sold, that’s roughly seven copies of Windows 7 sold every second! Windows 7 is also an amazing platform. Through integrated capabilities through the Windows Taskbar, sensors, text, and speech it blends the best technology, innovation, and creativity to empower developers to create awesome apps.
Join Kate Gregory for the Building Awesome Apps for Windows 7 tour. Hear how you can start taking advantage of the capabilities of Windows 7 in your new/existing applications today.
Visit to get more information on why you should build for Windows today.
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Download Windows API Code pack to get started today!

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The Discussion

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    Mr Crash

    sigh, and it all looked so good and then she began talking about the Windows API Code pack and C#, ugh!

    How disappointing, yet another VB / C# PR video 


    Where's the C++0x version of this talk ( oh right, microsoft doesn't own C++0x so no such video ).

    So what's the next step, block natively written apps completely ?

    disgusting Sad

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    Wait, what's wrong with WPF for building these same managed apps without downloading any of this Windows API code pack mumbo jumbo?

  • User profile image

    Mr Crash: I would recommend that you check out Project Hilo. There's a video of it on Channel 9 here. Kenny Kerr has kicked off a new blog series entitled, "The new C++ for the new Windows". (Also worth checking out.) Finally, there's a mountain of videos available on Channel 9 that cover topics related to C++. If none of these resources meet your needs, shoot me a message (via my profile).

    Corrector2: Nothing wrong with using WPF for building these kinds of applications. Smiley However, it's important to reiterate the purpose of the Windows API Code Pack. It provides a managed library that allows you to quickly target features of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (without having to do all the heavy-lifting yourself via P/Invoke). This falls outside the context of WPF; you could use it for WinForms (for example). HTH!

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