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Building Awesome Apps for Windows 7: Overview

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    Mr Crash

    sigh, and it all looked so good and then she began talking about the Windows API Code pack and C#, ugh!

    How disappointing, yet another VB / C# PR video 


    Where's the C++0x version of this talk ( oh right, microsoft doesn't own C++0x so no such video ).

    So what's the next step, block natively written apps completely ?

    disgusting Sad

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    Wait, what's wrong with WPF for building these same managed apps without downloading any of this Windows API code pack mumbo jumbo?

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    Mr Crash: I would recommend that you check out Project Hilo. There's a video of it on Channel 9 here. Kenny Kerr has kicked off a new blog series entitled, "The new C++ for the new Windows". (Also worth checking out.) Finally, there's a mountain of videos available on Channel 9 that cover topics related to C++. If none of these resources meet your needs, shoot me a message (via my profile).

    Corrector2: Nothing wrong with using WPF for building these kinds of applications. Smiley However, it's important to reiterate the purpose of the Windows API Code Pack. It provides a managed library that allows you to quickly target features of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (without having to do all the heavy-lifting yourself via P/Invoke). This falls outside the context of WPF; you could use it for WinForms (for example). HTH!

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