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Building Silverlight and Windows Phone Applications that Consume SQL Azure

Play Building Silverlight and Windows Phone Applications that Consume SQL Azure
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This one hour video will teach you a great deal in a short time, covering a wide range of topics and technologies. Here are a few of the technologies covered: SQL Azure, Windows Phone 7, ADO.NET Entity Framework, and Silverlight. Along the way, a lot of powerful tools are demonstrated Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Phone Developer Toolkit, SQL Azure Migration Wizard. This screencast starts with the creation of a Silverlight application consuming an on-premise SQL Server instance using the ADO.NET Entity Framework.

Next, a double migration takes place. First, we migrate the on-premise database to SQL Azure using the SQL Migration Wizard. Next, we take our Silverlight application and port it to Windows Phone 7. By the end of the demo we have a Windows Phone 7 application consuming data from the cloud, specifically SQL Azure.

Presenter: Bruno Terkaly, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Starting with Turbo C and 8086 Assembler in the late 80s, Bruno has kept busy teaching and writing code in a multitude of platforms, languages, frameworks, SDKs, libraries, and APIs. Bruno's depth of knowledge comes from years of experience in the field, where he can bring real-world knowledge and combine it with forward thinking that is required for his current role as a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft. Prior to evangelism, Bruno was a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, helping customers in remote locations on a moment's notice to help with extreme troubleshooting scenarios, including problem isolation and correction, live and post-mortem debugging, on-the-fly application design and code reviews, performance tuning (IIS, SQL Server, .NET), application stability, porting / migration assistance, configuration management, pre-rollout testing and general development consulting. As an evangelist, Bruno spends time writing code and giving live presentations on building cloud based applications, specifically using the Windows Azure Platform. He also takes a strong interest in Mobile Computing and is convinced that both mobile and cloud platforms, separately and together, are poised for huge growth over the next 10 years.



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