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First Look: New ALM Tools for VC++ Developers

23 minutes, 28 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

One area that people simply don’t talk often enough about is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools for Visual C++ development teams. ALM tools are critical for planning, development, testing, and maintenance of native code bases of every size. Visual Studio Ultimate offers many “out of the box” features for efficiently and easily managing a C++ code base. At Tech Ed North America, Terry Leeper and Rong Lu will be showing off these useful features and giving C++ developers a sneak peak at what's coming...

You should definitely check out the session if you are at Tech Ed. If not, you can watch the full session right here in a couple of days.

Can't wait that long? Well, no problem. Terry and Rong came to the C9 Studio a few days ago to share some of what they'll be talking about at Tech Ed in Atlanta. They've done some great work in VC10, but ALM tools for C++ developers in the next version of Visual Studio will be better, taking architectural visualization, unit testing (yes!), andmore to the next level for C++ developers. 

Tune in. The C++ Renaissance at Microsoft continues to be televised on Channel 9. 



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  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    very cool Smiley

    hopefully they'll have intellisense for /clr too.... [still cant belive they dropped that]

  • Diego DagumDiegum Diegum

    Hi aL_, I hope this announcement we made last March about C++/CLI IntelliSense answers your wish.


    Diego Dagum
    C++ Community PM

  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    is this a 'ultimate only' thing or ???

  • RonRon

    "DEV316 ALM for C++ in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010"
    Will it be recorded ? Please say yes :)
    Will the other sessions they showed on the screen also be recorded ?

    Where can we download the source code for PhotoBrowser ?
    I've seen that demo project before but never been able to find a download link :(

    Btw Any pre-release visual studio test version coming soon ?
    I want the new c++ compiler :)
    You should begin to release compiler updates as service packs or something like that. Stop be so lazy!

    Having to wait for the next release of visual studio is just a pain.
    I currently keep all my projects compatible with the gcc compiler because of this.
    A few projects i can't even compiler in vs compiler any more.
    vs compiler lags behind too often to be explained away.

    I would even be fine with as-is releases of the compiler, i know many devs that would.

  • AviAvi

    If you're interested in unit testing in C++, Typemock makes a mocking framework for C++ - http://www.typemock.com/isolatorpp-product-page?utm_source=msdn&utm_medium=msdn&utm_campaign=channel9

  • AviAvi

    Sorry for the link before. Terry and Rong's work looks really exciting.

    I would recommend trying <a href="http://www.typemock.com/isolatorpp-product-page?utm_source=msdn&utm_medium=msdn&utm_campaign=channel9">Isolator++</a> for <a href="http://www.typemock.com/isolatorpp-product-page?utm_source=msdn&utm_medium=msdn&utm_campaign=channel9">Unit Testing in C++ in Visual Studio</a>

  • Eric AguiarHeavens​Revenge Know Thyself

    Awesome, these sort of tools are the kind of things which warm my heart. Instead of MS always trying to cause PR for its own benefit and its own language (C#), its back to being true and being "for the users" similar to how Bill used to describe how he wanted to empower us to customize the computer even if we had to program it.

    I loved the general dependency graphs for C++ at last, twas very nice.

    Adding that unit test was horribly wonky though..... have it automated more with a direct right-click on a .cpp source file with allowance of using check-boxes to determine how the VS template stamps out the initialization of each functions test case which we can fill the meat assertions later.

  • @felix9: We're not at the stage in the product cycle where we are disclosing what features appear in what edition of Visual Studio but I can say that we will be aiming for consistentcy with all VS languages in the distribution of these features. What that means is that if an ALM feature is available for one language the same feature should be available for all languages in the same edition.

  • @Diego

    Was your session at Tech-Ed recorded? I can't find it on C9

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @LordKain:It will be available within 24 hours from the live session. Here is Terry's talk on ALM.



  • @Charles: Thanks!

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Diego has informed me that his session was not recorded. Bummer.

  • @Ron:The Photo Browser demo is part of the Hilo work the team did on taking advantage of Windows 7 - You can find it here.

  • @Diego

    It would be great to have a catch-up session for the C9 audience that wasn't present at Tech-Ed Wink

  • Diego... This is good stuff, mate Tongue Out




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