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C++ and Beyond 2011: Barry Dale - Helping to Protect Us with C++

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    I am running this on Linux and not able to see above Video - this is the Crux of the Problem, Interoperability is Here to stay.

    On C++, I have asked young Programmers what Do they like Java or C++, Most Prefer Java.

    C was and is Dangerous and not meant for Large Programs.

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    He mentioned valid points, that most experienced developers would agree upon:

    * no real alternative for complex performance critical applications
    * productivity, faster development
    * visual studio really shines for C++ developement
    * c++ portability is really good

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    So, Mr Anti Virus uses C++ and C++ is getting a performance boost. I sure hope that means my next version of anti virus starts running a lot faster then! ha ha :)

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