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C++ and Beyond 2011: Barry Dale - Helping to Protect Us with C++

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While attending C++ and Beyond 2011, I was able to convince a few fellow attendees to get in front of the camera and talk about C++, how they use the language, and what they think of C++11 and C++ and Beyond.

Here, we meet Barry Dale, a software developer building anti-virus components for web browsers and operating systems. We talk about C++ and Beyond, the C++ Renaissance, how he uses the language and what he'd like to see in the future.

Thanks Barry for sitting in front of the C9 lens and sharing some of your perspectives Smiley



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The Discussion

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    I am running this on Linux and not able to see above Video - this is the Crux of the Problem, Interoperability is Here to stay.

    On C++, I have asked young Programmers what Do they like Java or C++, Most Prefer Java.

    C was and is Dangerous and not meant for Large Programs.

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    He mentioned valid points, that most experienced developers would agree upon:

    * no real alternative for complex performance critical applications
    * productivity, faster development
    * visual studio really shines for C++ developement
    * c++ portability is really good

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    So, Mr Anti Virus uses C++ and C++ is getting a performance boost. I sure hope that means my next version of anti virus starts running a lot faster then! ha ha :)

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