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C++ and Beyond 2011: David McKeone - C++11 as a Fresh Language for Young People

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While attending C++ and Beyond 2011, I was able to convince a few fellow attendees to get in front of the camera and talk about C++, how they use the language, and what they think of C++11 and C++ and Beyond.

Here we meet David McKeone, a relative newcomer to C++. This is interesting because most of the attendess at C&B have at least 10-15 years' experience and some even more. The fact that somebody like David with a few years of experience under his belt comes to an event like this speaks volumes about the content: something for everyone. More interesting is David's fresh, even inspirational perspectives on C++ as a young person's language, too -> there is no prerequisite for native developers having gray hair, long beards, pencil holders in shirt pockets and pants that aren't long enough in the inseam... Smiley

Topics discussed include how David uses C++ in the theatre ticketing software he maintains, his perspecitves on C++ and Beyond, C++11 and some advice for folks coming to C++ (or coming back to it).

Thanks David for spending time in front of the C9 camera.




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    There are plenty of young people using C++ still. Just go to any game development company/studio. There, it may not be by choice though. The nature of the platforms and the requirements of the software being developed means that C++ must be chosen for the bulk of the work (but scripting or managed languages are often used for build, tools, UI, etc).

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    "Stay native" :-D Heh! I like that!

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    Staying native keeps your coding fu in shape so you can easily embrace other platforms like iOS and OS X.

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    David makes a great point about the humility of people like Herb, Scott and Andrei. Bjarne in particular deserves a call out in that regard. Being a blunt and direct person myself, I don't always put things in the best way that I would like, so even if I can't emulate it, I find Bjarne a valuable role model and reminder on how to conduct oneself. I never fail to admire Bjarne's consistent perseverance with humility even in the face of quite outrageous and often unfair opinion. I hope Bjarne knows his style is noticed and very much appreciated. The new generation of C++ programmers would do well to learn from Bjarne's humility as a person as much as his incredible IT contributions. Cheers to Bjarne, Andrei et al for making IT more pleasant as well as interesting.

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      Just go to any game development company/studio. There, it may not be by choice though. 

    If you are developing games for Apple platforms, then you have to use Objective-C.

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