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C++ and Beyond 2011: David McKeone - C++11 as a Fresh Language for Young People

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    There are plenty of young people using C++ still. Just go to any game development company/studio. There, it may not be by choice though. The nature of the platforms and the requirements of the software being developed means that C++ must be chosen for the bulk of the work (but scripting or managed languages are often used for build, tools, UI, etc).

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    "Stay native" :-D Heh! I like that!

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    Staying native keeps your coding fu in shape so you can easily embrace other platforms like iOS and OS X.

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    David makes a great point about the humility of people like Herb, Scott and Andrei. Bjarne in particular deserves a call out in that regard. Being a blunt and direct person myself, I don't always put things in the best way that I would like, so even if I can't emulate it, I find Bjarne a valuable role model and reminder on how to conduct oneself. I never fail to admire Bjarne's consistent perseverance with humility even in the face of quite outrageous and often unfair opinion. I hope Bjarne knows his style is noticed and very much appreciated. The new generation of C++ programmers would do well to learn from Bjarne's humility as a person as much as his incredible IT contributions. Cheers to Bjarne, Andrei et al for making IT more pleasant as well as interesting.

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      Just go to any game development company/studio. There, it may not be by choice though. 

    If you are developing games for Apple platforms, then you have to use Objective-C.

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