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I lost my primary site in my hierarchy, what I do now?

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I few weeks ago this happened to one of you, I know the frustration that this may have caused when you initially saw it. Either the server files where corrupted or the vhd was lost on a power lost, what happened now you are on a panic state. You need to recover one of your primary site in your hierarchy, don't worry we got you covered.


As is detailed on the following tech net article:

It's very important to determine your recovery options, with this came several questions.

Are you going to recover from a backup?

If you answer was no, then here is your solution.

You can recover it from the CAS, yes the CAS host a copy of your data and its possible to send recreate your database based on the information the CAS have.

On this video I explain the process that you will need to do in order to recover your primary site.

But before I share the video let me give you a small background of what I did on my site server, after knowing there was no more option than this one. I created another virtual machine with the same Operating System, IP Address, Netbios Name and disk configuration.

Installed all the pre-requirements that my primary site server need in order to install System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.

Installed SQL Server 2012 with Service Pack 1.

Now let me show you how this looks like.





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