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Channel 9 Exit Interview: Tina Moving to Xbox Team

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The Discussion

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    Congratulations Tina! Rock it.

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    PS: I didn't know we did exit interviews either. One of us *ahem* didn't have one. Wink

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    Really appreciated the history show and still waiting for some out-of-band people interviews for that serie.

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    Those documentaries are among the very best content on channel9, informative, great production values, i'll miss those Sad

    but is there a reason why the xbox video content cant be on channel9 as well? Smiley

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    Sad to see you go Tina, but at least we can still see you on the Xbox.


    Please just make sure the content goes International, we don't get to see as much from the Inside Xbox team here in the UK.

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    @maxzuck: Ha ha Max! You weren't on the C9 team, though. You were C8 Boy! Smiley

    Hope all is well, man.


    PS: Tina, we miss you!!!

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    Too bad, I always enjoyed how Tina offered to post questions when she was about to interview someone. That's a trend I'd like to see continue in her absence. Also, the documentaries were great stuff.

    I should check out Inside Xbox more often, but I'm kind of suspecting that we're getting only a fraction of the content on there.

    Best of luck, Tina!

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    Maddus Mattus

    Bye Bye Tina Smiley

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    Now, where did I put that old Xbox...

    Continued success Tina!

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    I <3 Tina.  Crying   Best wishes.

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    I want to view Channel9 on my xBox.   For Now I have to manually download and put the file in the right dir on my local PC and stream.

    And as long as I am dreaming - Can I search the major content and whitepapers on MSDN from my XBox as well.


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    Thanks Niners!  What a great trip it was.  Smiley 

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    TuneUp Utilities

    Congratulations Tina! Will someone else be taking your spot to continue posting questions before an interview? Inside Xbox is a great move—will the full content be available internationally? Good luck and best wishes!

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