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Channel 9 Live from Amsterdam (TechEd 2012) now available on-demand

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The Channel 9 team was on site at TechEd Europe in Amsterdam broadcasting live to the web on 26/27 June 2012. All sessions are now available for your on-demand viewing pleasure. Tune in!

Viewers submitted their questions to #ch9live for our guests to answer live on air. This year's theme: Riding tandem with the random. Tune in. Enjoy!

Thanks to all our wonderful guests and a special thanks to all of you who tweeted questions in during the broadcast. This was pure C9!

The Discussion

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    Great work guys, I just need to find some more time to watch everything .... 

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    Please post the video event: "Exploring Windows 8" TechEd Europe 2012. Thanks.

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    It's funny that Charles and me (h0x0d) tried several times to ask Dustin Campel about Cloud JIT but failed, while Charles (with Richar Hein's question) end up talked a little bit about it with Mark Russinovich who (apparently) does not really know what exactly is happening there. Devil

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    Another funny thing is, I asked Mark about DebugView connecting to a Windows RT (Windows on ARM) machine and capturing the debug output remotely, but what Mark talked about was DebugView and WinRT (Windows Runtime) apps, so Microsoft just confused itself with these names.

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    @felix9: Thanks for asking questions, Felix! Smiley

    You'll learn more about the cloud compilation story when the team behind it has more to say. I'm setting up an interview with them soon... Stay tuned. Be patient!


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