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Check It Out: Mouse Without Borders

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What do you do when you have multiple computers on your desk but want to control them with just one keyboard and mouse? In the past I've used KVM's, I've used a little hub with Arc Mouse and Arc Keyboard dongles attached, and I've tried some apps. Today I want to walk you through my favorite new utility out of Microsoft's Garage called Mouse Without Borders

The application was a side project developed by Truong Do who works for Microsoft Dynamics and easily allows you to drag and drop files or even lock all screens together so you can log on to, or out of, many machines at once. Mouse Without Borders is a free application and you can give it a try by downloading it here



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    The Discussion

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      YAY!  I've been wanting this since I saw it on the video of the science fair, but it was only available internally. 

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      What happens if you have a mouse connected to each computer? Is it possible to end up with 2 mouse pointers on the same screen?

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      I have a tear in my eye, beautiful.

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      John Smith

      Congratulations, beautifully stolen! (

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      Two programs that do the same thing? *drops monocle*

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      John Smith

      Well, Micah, if you had, like me, dug in some extremely obscured sites (like Wikipedia - you might have been able to notice that the first version of Synergy was created 10 years ago, and versions for Windows have existed since 2006.

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      Great software, mind if we can get these wallpapers for channel9?

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      @ahmed: You want our studio camera's background? Sure, here's one we use for Channel 9 Live that I used to make the camera BG's:  If you want one of the ones from a camera, you'll have to pick which one. There are cameras 1 through 3 and a "screencap" BG. Smiley

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      @dentaku:I haved used Mouse Without Borders internally for the last two years (and have helped solve quite a few of the hairier bugs it has had).  With that said, no, you cannot have two cursors on the same screen.  The program works more like a virtual cursor space.  You can track cursor movement on the host machine and move that in a virtual space created in code.

      @John Smith:I've also used Synergy.  I fails in comparison to the ease and simplicity of MouseWithoutBorders.  Two years with both programs, I swear by the latter.  As for the monocle reference, how long has Office been around before the Apple programs, like KeyNote, came out?  It's not very insightful to say "wow, copy cats."

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      Also, just as a tip.  You can toggle moving the mouse simultaneously on all machines by tapping ctrl three times.  It makes locking your computers or logging in to your computers very quick Smiley

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      It has some issues though: when one computer is logged off, sometimes when it's locked, it didn't work for me. Or at least not all the time.

      I've used input director before. It more cumbersome but I had no such problems when logged off.

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      it's fantastic
      it missing only one feature
      the Windows clipboard "copy paste" (in German Windows Zwischenablage)

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      Blushing Oh so sweet

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      @RyanKnuth:Thanks for the tip - that shortcut works beautifully!

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      Love it. Sharing the sound output would be really cool(using one headset for 2 computers).. Big Smile

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