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CloudTalk: Architecting Software for the Cloud

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by Mike Ehrenberg

The emergence of cloud technology represents a significant generational shift in software architecture. Mike will share insights in what customers seek in a move to cloud-delivered software, and how delighting those customers impacts the architecture, design and development of cloud-based business applications.  
About Mike Ehrenberg
Mike Ehrenberg is a Microsoft Technical Fellow with over thirty years of experience in the software industry. He is the chief architect for Microsoft's Dynamics ERP and CRM applications, responsible for roadmap strategy and planning.


Azure, Cloud, DPEDK, MDCC



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The Discussion

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    Great talk about how cloud computing changes software development requiring a "think different" paradigm.

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    Most Interesting points @ minutes: 29:06, 35:20, 42:00, 46:40, 51:10, 53:50, 57:50, 1:02:53

    27:20 Cloud challenge nr 1: Scale
      lots of users, data, always busy: how to think different about scalability
        Scale up is not the solution. Scale out is.
    29:06 a. Scale the services: First scale out option:
            partition the app in:
              as set of async loosely coupled services
         31:15 example of message coupled sell & inventory services

    35:20 The message based design pattern allows possible release of part of the software. Cloud changes the way we think about software.

    36:20 b. scale data. SQL Azure Federations supports "sharding" cloud scale data

    partioned across multiple physical tables
      partition diff tables by region
        very hard problem

    39:30 c. State maintanance in scale scenario
     big challenge to keep cloud elastic + solutions (minimize & isolate state in the service)
     AppFabric cache services to the rescue

    42:00 Performance becomes explicit in the cloud
      because of charging model for cloud usage (storage, round-trips, etc.)

    46:40 cost of operation affects sys design
       cost of SQL Azure storage is higher than windows blob storage

    47:10 service success is determined by its manageability
     "One Microsoft" cloud experience with different MS enterprise products

    50:20 provide service visibility to the customer (up-time, scheduled events, etc.)

    51:10 Cloud error reporting and propagation adds new complexity
     need for platform services & APIs for error reporting

    52:40 cost effective manageability of service

    53:50 new reality: combination of cloud &
                    private devices (on-premises due to regulatory, merging, etc.)

    55:30 Identity

    56:10 Equivalent of liveID in the enterprise envir (online ID, bussiness equivalent available in the cloud, similar to AD)

    57:50 connect scenarios from cloud to premises
       azure service bus, CRM eventing model

    58:25 Customization for Cloud Systems
     declarative model-driven customization

    1:02:53 Other Cloud Considerations
       focus on simplicity
           should be rich but easy to startup, customize & upgrade
           remove features

       Privacy & data security
         raised to new levels

       Component failure
          assume failure due to huge nr of nodes
          recover state info in case of failure

    1:09:30 on-premises customers benefit from cloud investment

    1:11:23 The cloud enables new scenarios
     shared data
       payroll regulation
      connected big supply chains
        limit number of interfaces if everyone talks with a cloud hub
     new analytics, reveals otherwise invisible trends
      across massive data in the cloud
        example: determine flu trends via queries
    1:18:10 Q&A

    1:22:38 how MS deals with competitors?


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