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Continuous Integration using TFS11 & NuGet

Play Continuous Integration using TFS11 & NuGet
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This is a recording from an MSDN Live Meeting broadcast from the Microsoft Belgium office on May 8, 2012.

NuGet has been around for some time now and has introduced the concept of package management into the heads of many .NET developers. A central package repository and integrated tooling suddenly made it a whole lot easier to deliver and ship software components, proof of which can be found into the increasing rate at which many packages make it to the NuGet Gallery. At the same time, many businesses are struggling how to take optimal benefit from this while trying to avoid a situation commonly known as "dependency hell". Package hell can be just around the corner if not implemented properly.

Questions are raised on how to deal with symbols and debugging. Do we check these packages into source control or not? What's the impact if I don't? How to mitigate potential downtime of the NuGet Gallery? This session will provide you with guidance, tips and tricks on how you can take benefit from NuGet and TFS11 to take your CI environment to the next level.

Xavier Decoster is a Technical Consultant ALM for RealDolmen. Ever since NuGet got introduced, he explored, experimented and integrated this simple yet effective concept in his life as a developer. He is a co-founder of, which is a NuGet-as-a-Service platform on Windows Azure. He's also a co-author of the recently published Pro NuGet book. But above all, he's happy to be part of an awesome Belgian .NET Community.

Download the slides and the demo code.

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