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Creating the Virtual Experiment Laboratory app with the Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit

Play Creating the Virtual Experiment Laboratory app with the Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit

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    Since I'm new to DirectX and 3D myself I find the advices are very good. I also started to learn more about DirectX by using the Starter Kit. It gives beginners an easy access into 3D and game developement with DirectX, especially a very easy and convenient way to load meshes and things like picking and animation.

    I've yet to explore more of the functions of the Starter Kit but only by using the mesh loading, hit object testing and the Visual Studio graphic tools I could already create a simple slide puzzle app with 3D cubes. It's not ready for the Window Store yet, but the learning process is really rewarding. It's a lot fun and I will absolutely explore more of the Starter Kit in my journey to DirectX and 3D.

    Roberto's Dice Roller 3D tutorial on Channel9 helped me alot to get started. But I agree with Gokhan that it's important to know the infrastructure of the Starter Kit and to know how things work together. And of course the great Visual Studio graphic tools, it's very basic but that's exactly what I needed to learn and understand about meshes, planes and views in 3D.

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    Thanks Gokhan for sharing your approach. Very cool your game, compliments!

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    Helal olsun abi vallaha süpersin ben hala teknik servis programı yapmakla uğraşıyorum :)

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    Roberto, Nicely done!

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