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Demo: Visual Studio 11 Developer Experience

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You've read about the changes to the Visual Studio 11 Developer Experience, now see it in action! In this brief demo, Sam Zaiss walks through two brief developer scenarios and shows how we've improved the experience through thoughtful reduction in the IDE and simplification of developer workflows.



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The Discussion

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    Looks good. Will see how it really is, when we get beta.
    Any words on the beta release ?

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    Beta released on 29th Feb along with Win8 Consummer Beta (2pm GMT)

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    Thanks for the time in GMT :)

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    Looks good, except for the ugly retro color scheme which just has to go. Apparently there are three ways to do GUI at Microsoft, two of which are hidious, IMHO:

    1) Way too light - Live Mail - everything is white, light blue, or some indistinguishable permutation of the two

    2) Just right - Visual Studio 2010 - things have just the right amount of color and contrast

    3) Dark, bland and dead - Visual Studio 2012 - welcome to the dark side, monochrome monitors revisited, and all of the other bad things you find in other applications that do it this way. If you read the forums of applications that do it this way (i.e., a black and white UI), you will find a myriad of complaints about this being a retro UI and how it should evolve into a more modern colorful (used sparringly, of course) UI.

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