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Designing search for the Start screen

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    Have microsoft abandoned the Windows key+search ?
    Will windows key+search get these upgrades too or are you yet again abandoning old still very much usable and still valid functionality to force people to use the new windows 8 start screen ?
    To justify you developing it in the first place and not get fired for wasting time on reinventing the wheel ? 

    The functionality you describe already exists in windows 7 by pressing windows key and start typing. 
    Widows key 
    1. calc 
    2.  folder
    3. files


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    I was wondering if it will it possible for applications to registers tasks which can perform and have that indexable by the search. So a say a user type in "adjust image contrast" and it could then come up with Paint .Net and Adobe Photoshop as applications you have that can do that because they provided a list of things they can do or is that more along the lines of the 'Search contract'?


    @Jonas_No: I think that may of been one of the objectives of this video, to show that just because it looks different doesn't mean that the ways people have grown familiar with launching/searching after pressing Start in Vista/7 has been lost. The first public Windows 8 Developer preview included the Win key + type to search, and I seen quite a few comments about "bring back the start menu as it had the search/launch box", without the commenter releasing that keystroke wise it is the same.

    I do think is that the Start Screen in Windows 8 in its current form is in need of a visual indicator so users are aware the current keyboard focus is on an invisible/off the side of the screen search box


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