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Developing for Windows on ARM

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In this video Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President of Visual Studio, walks us through the process of developing an application for Windows on ARM (WOA). Find out how you can use Visual Studio 2012 RC to do remote debugging, unit testing, and remote profiling on a Windows tablet. For more information on what you need to know to develop for WOA, please visit Jason's blog:



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The Discussion

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    Great vid Jason.  Looking forward to doing more and more ARM debugging and performance troubleshooting.

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    The code doesn't look good,

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    Windows for ARM. Will you be doing Windows for other body parts?

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    Jason Zander

    @Carlos - not sure if you mean the source or disassembly. the source is just a sample. the generated code is in debug mode which means it is not optimized, you will see redundant loads & stores etc to make debugging easier. this is pretty common in this mode and not indicative of final optimized code an end user would execute.

    @Rob - some kind of optics would have me excited :)

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    great demo, presentation & delivery jason.

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    Great one.. really educative
    Is there any advantage/Gain when using C++ for developing Metro apps(esp. ARM). Looking forward for a presentation on DirectX+ Metro

    ARM rocks...

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    Pretty impressive, especially being shown how to use the performance profiler. But then I have already happy been doing WP7 develoment in similar manner for some time. Pretty quickly switch to Target device, when using Accelerometer Tilt and GPS Controls.

    But Desktop mode and DOS Prompts available on ARM Tablets ? - Thats bent my understanding a bit. I wasn't expecting that.

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    Nice demo, but will it be possible to install Visual Studio on ARM devices running WinRT?

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    Lisa Feigenbaum

    @ r00k,

    No, it won't be possible to install Visual Studio on the ARM devices themselves. Hence all the remote capabilities Jason showed (debugging, profiling, etc).

    There's a lot of great info like this in Jason's corresponding blog post:

    Lisa Feigenbaum
    Senior Program Manager
    Visual Studio Team

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    Edvaldo de Oliveira

    software nao esta ativado preciso atiavalo mas nao etou conseguindo encontrar a rede.

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