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Developing for Windows Phone 7: From Concept to Marketplace

Play Developing for Windows Phone 7: From Concept to Marketplace

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    There is one thing into which Microsoft needs to invest urgently:
    M I C R O P H O N E S
    (yet another useless video)

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    Great subject.  Love Twit and Dmitry's work on the Twit app. However poor audio turned this presentation to useless.  Next time please use a decent microphone if you plan to record your presentation and display it on Channel 9.

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    @Axel: agreed

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    I want to thank everyone who watched this presentation and say sorry for the bad audio quality. This recording was not planned originally so once we decided to "just do it" the audio capture device options were very limited Sad.

    I and others do have access to much better microphones and plan to do more recordings on this topic in the future so stay tuned!

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