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End to Edge and Beyond - Episode 20 - Private Cloud Security Architecture

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I interview Tom Shinder and Yuri Diogenes for a special episode of "From End to Edge and Beyond" at TechEd Northamerica on the Channel 9 live stage and we dive into private cloud security.

In this interview you'll learn about:

  • What is a Private cloud? (To ensure we're all on the same page as it relates to security)
  • [01:52] What are the major differences in security between traditional on-premises security and private cloud security?
  • [03:20] What is a good foundation security architecture for private cloud security?
  • [05:00] What are some specific tips to secure the resource pooling aspect of your Private cloud?
  • [07:00] What are some specific products and configurations which help to secure your resource pooling?
  • [08:11] How might Forefront Identity Manager fit into securing your private cloud?
  • [08:39] What are some ways to secure the rapid elasticity aspect of Private clouds?
  • [10:14] What is the default setting for the limit for resources in System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • [11:10] What are some ways you see common areas of misconfiguration or large holes in the private cloud security?
  • [12:10] What do you do if you've already implemented your Private Cloud and haven't done any thought about security from the start?

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