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Entity Framework - Code First CTP5 with Wouter Hendrickx

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This talk presents the new developments in Entity Framework. More specifically, the EF 4.1 features involving “Code First” are discussed.
The session first gives an overview of the state-of-the-art Entity Framework approach using the EDMX model. It pinpoints some of the weak points of this approach and provides some context.
Then, the “Code First” approach is introduced using an example data model, both the fluent interface and attribute way of configuring the code first context are presented, and some example usage of the code first POCO’s is given. 
The presentation concludes with a more exotic setup involving multiple EDMX files with navigation properties linking them together.

Recommended resources for Entity Framework

A great resource for getting a hang of the Entity framework 4.1 is the ADO.NET team blog ( Specifically, the 12 post series titled “Using DbContext in EF 4.1” gives a nice overview of the features in CTP5.
Furthermore, Scott Guthrie’s blog contains a simple ASP.NET MVC demo, using the Code First approach for the data layer (
The MSDN Data Development Center ( contains loads of information on EF 4.1 in its “Entity framework” section.

About the speaker: Wouter Hendrickx

Wouter Hendrickx is a .NET Software Architect with the Belgian .NET consultancy firm Nais Software. He holds a PhD in computer science and a master’s degree in mathematics.
He has strong interest in the newest technology developments on the .NET scene, and has been following the Entity Framework innovations quite closely. He is currently coordinating team of developers in India with a steering group in Spain building a large Software Factory, involving an n-tier setup providing front-end infrastructure for both ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF, and backed by an Entity Framework Data Layer. 



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