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Entity Framework Firestarter - Session 2 (of 6)

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On September 27th in New York City, Microsoft hosted an Entity Framework Firestarter event. We recorded the event, and now it is here for your learning pleasure!

The Entity Framework is a set of technologies in ADO.NET that support the development of data-oriented software applications. First introduced in .NET 3.5 SP1 in 2008, the Entity Framework underwent significant changes in its second version, known as Entity Framework 4, released in Visual Studio 2010 earlier this year.  If you haven’t looked at EF before due to “V1 concerns”, now is the time to check it out. 

EFFirestarterNYC What better way to learn about the Entity Framework than from the east coast’s resident EF guru & MS MVP, Julie Lerman!  Now you can catch the sessions Julie, Rachel Appel, and Stephen Bohlen delivered at the Entity Framework Firestarter in New York City on September 27, 2010! 

Pop on some headphones and listen & learn at your own pace!  You can find presentation slides & code demos here.

There are six sessions in total:

Session 1: It's Time To Look At The Entity Framework by Julie Lerman  

Why EF exists, where it fits into ADO.NET and long term MS strategy, basics about how EF works and some simple first step demos in VS2010.

Session 2: What’s new in EF4  by Steve Bohlen

Designer support, model first, stored procedure mappings, pass through sprocs. Lots of the other new stuff is in later talks.

Session 3: RAD development with EF by Rachel Appel

Drag & Drop with WPF, EntityDataSource, ASP.NET Dynamic Data Sites.

Session 4: Getting Started with POCOs in EF4 by Julie Lerman

How to create snapshot POCOs and dynamic proxy POCOs, differences between their behavior, new T4 code generation, customizing T4 for more targeted POCO classes

Session 5: Disconnected Strategies For ASP.NET & Services by Julie Lerman

Leverage new methods for custom WCF/ASP.NET apps, Self-Tracking Entities, quick look at WCF Data Services/oData & WCF RIA Services

Session 6: Writing Testable/Maintainable Apps with EF by Julie Lerman & Steve Bohlen

Build simple repositories, unit of work, unit tests, use them all in MVC app…



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