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Exploring the Mashery APIs (Webcast Recording)

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This is the recording of the June 5, 2013 live webcast "Windows APIMASH: Exploring the Mashery APIs" with Maria Naggaga (Microsoft Technical Evangelist), Amit Jotwani (Developer Evangelist at Mashery), and Jim O'Neil (Microsoft Technology Evangelist).

[00:00] Introductions and overview (Maria Naggaga)

[05:55] Mashery Overview and demo (Amit Jotwani)

[18:25] Accessing the Starter Kits (Jim O'Neil)

[25:45] TomTom-BingMaps demo and code deep-dive

[52:20] Resources and next steps




Windows 8



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The Discussion

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    For those of you that might dive into the TomTom Traffic Cameras API, note that I erroneously indicate the return payload is JSON.  It's XML (although with the Bing Maps calls, I  do use JSON).  Given the abstraction layer that I mention in the APIMASH class library project, the payload media type isn't something you need to deal with when making the API calls in your code. The only time you need to look at the JSON, XML, or other response format is when you are constructing the C# Model classes into which the HTTP response from the API call is deserialized.  You do that once, when building your API-specific classes, and the starter kit framework manages it from there.

    My apologies for the error, and please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like further clarification.

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