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Fandango on Windows Phone 7: Hands on Demo

Play Fandango on Windows Phone 7: Hands on Demo
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Here's a look at the new Fandango application on Windows Phone 7.  Fandango uses the panoramic theme, but keeps it plain and simple with a white background. You are able to use it to look up show times, theaters, and plot information, view trailers and buy movie tickets in advance.



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The Discussion

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    UI Style/Conformance failed
    Logo cropped... fail fail fail...

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    Looked like a regular pano control to me, sliding the logo and title as it should.

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    @JM:  It's designed that way as a visual hint that there is more of the side of the screen.  You can see the start of the next page heading hinting to the right side as well.

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    To all whiners and complainers, it is a great phone!
    Not perfect of course, but which one is?
    Good job Microsoft!

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