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File Systems Algorithms (MS-FSA) Presentation 2010

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    Q for Neal: Is it possible to, without copying data, to split a file at specified position and particularly why not if not?

    Fictional API: SplitFile("terabytesizefile.bin", "secondhalf.bin", 64 bit ulong position in file to split at);

    Algo without the locks etc: Set valid data of terabytesizefile.bin to end at the split position, then create new file "secondhalf.bin" starting at the split position and ending at the old EOF of terabytesizefile.bin.


    And of course this should be possible to do from any limited user application trivially, since it's not exposing any old data on the disk.

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    Mr Crash

    Where is the next part of this presentation ?  Perplexed

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    very informative document !

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