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First Look: Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

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Just when you were expecting to hear more about IE9 on this opening day of Mix '11, and today we'll be talking about the IE10 Platform Preview. IE10 builds on IE9 with support for even more standards like CSS3 gradients, and grid layouts. In this video Rob Mauceri walks us through some of the new features of IE10 including an example of flowing of content in multi-column layouts.

Be sure to check the links at and for more examples of standards-based web technologies that deliver on the promise of standards. This is a team on the go, and they want to hear from you. Connect with us at Mix, on the IE blog, or here in the comments, we're really looking forward to your feedback.

See the IE Blog post here.



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The Discussion

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    To early Sad This really ruins the keynotes...

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    , CKurt wrote

    To early Sad This really ruins the keynotes...

    Yeah, someone has forgotten to set their watches.

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    I really like IE9, however there are a still a few things I would like to be changed before I decide to switch to IE. One of the things is the GUI for favorites editing, sorting, browsing and syncing. Please IE team look at how the competition does it and update this. I should be able to know if a URL I am currently on is already favorited. I have a lot of favorites and sometimes I need to browse and search thru them. I would like to have a function and view in which folder a favorite is located in. Also please include an integrated sync feature with SkyDrive from the browser. I know these are probably not in your high priority list but sometimes it's the little things that make a great difference.

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    Does ie10 preview run side by side to ie9?

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    Yes They run side by side

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    Somebody needs to fix the X-UA-Compatible META tag specification for the fishbowl demo.  Right now it says content="IE10" and it should probably say content="IE=10".  As it is, it causes the browser to render in IE7 compatibility mode and the demo, well, doesn't work (unless you hit F12 and manually switch document mode to IE10 standards mode)!

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    How is it that version 10 still fails Acid3 (

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    because those 5 points are not worth earning. (and others are 'cheating' in some sense)

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    It's a pity that the focus is more on the lack of support in Firefox/Chrome than the support in IE10....

    Unfortunately there are a lot of essential features (HTML 5, CSS 3) unsupported in IE and supported in 'other browsers'. (and vice versa btw)

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    I have to agree with Rhapsody.Its not essential but the little things like text-shadow do matter.

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    And I remember back at school installing IE 3.03 for the local ISP on their customers Windows 3.1 machines so they could connect to the internet via dial up. None of them worried about keynotes, ACID3 or text-shadows...
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    Lance M

    I'm so glad I had to download and update my silverlight player to watch that video.

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    I'm more curious how IE10 compares to IE9, not how it compares to Chrome and FF.

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    Wow...That 30 secs were so important in your life!

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    @Marko89: I completely agree with you! I suggested Microsoft to improve IE's Favorites like what you said when IE9 Platform Preview 1 be released. Sadly, IE9’s Favorites has nothing changed! Mozilla Firefox has the most powerful Favorites function, Microsoft should study from Mozilla Firefox!

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