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First look at 5 features of IE9 RC

Play First look at 5 features of IE9 RC

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    Giorgio Sardo

    Nice selection Ari! My TOP 5 for developers here:

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    While I'm excited about all these changes, I have to call out point #1. Comparing IE9 with Chrome when both windows are maximized the vertical screen space is about equal.

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    Awesome work IE9 team =).

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    Fast, sleek, impressive! Wow.

    Congratulations and big kudos to Dean and the IE team!! Smiley


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    Hey Ari!!!! God I missed the WAAAYYY BACK days... Glad to see him still doing it... And IE is looking better and better... Way to go team...

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    Oh by the way, tell them to squeeze in BITS download for files as an option or instead of the current IE process (if it is not already there)

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    where can i get a "readme" file of whats chnaged / fixed as of rc9?

    for example the prior beta and VS2010 debugging is broken this is part vs2010 and part IE9 ..

    also many sites badly mis render in the prior beta is there any news on how we will cope untill they fix the sites ?  I never did find a way to get the sites to work right in IE9 Beta

    also the problem with images not loading / showing - has that been fixed ?

    sorry if this is in the video i am working and can't watch it right now.

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    Hi, I am trying out the IE9 RC and have found that I am not getting website icons for sites I pin like Channel9 or Hotmail.

    I am just getting the IE logo on a white background. I get the icons on the extra function in the jump list i.e. CoffeeHouse for CH9 and Inbox for Hotmail, just not the icon for the taskbar or the thrird item up in the jump list (the website title)

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.


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    @Amit: i rarely use a browser maximized. so for me IE9 has more space yes

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    Love the new features and can't wait to try them out. Loved seeing also, thanks for the love!
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    I like the new tabs Smiley

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    Tell me in good reason! Why tabs aren't on title bar like all other browsers? Maybe MSFT thinks they're idiots Big Smile Maybe MSFT wants to be special!!!!
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    @Van09: You're one of the reares persons who use the browser in normal state :O Every single one I know uses browsers in maximized and tabs on top is a neeeeeeed!

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    Have to agree, can't see any good reason for not doing that. 

    Not to be picky, but not being able to have the tabs on the title bar above the address field is probably the main reason for not making IE9 to my default browser.

    The irony is that the dedicated title bar they added below the address field (taking up extra space) is probably targeted for heavy browser users that most likely care. And the default setup that has the largest browsing area is for the mainstream users(that already have 3 toolbars installed taking up half the screen and don't even notice it). Pretty sure they will need to change it in some future release Smiley

    Other than that it looks good.


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    Where is the font rendering fix I hoped to see?! Until the blurry font rendering is fixed, IE is not for me.

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    Mr Crash
    So nice to see you are concentrating on the important stuff like standards compliant, usability !!!!, security... That last "feature" doesn't even count: IE and Chromes UI design differ to much from them to be compared like that. Do IE9 even have real tab rip feature ? (real as in not reopen url in new window) Btw i don't like IE's compressed / extremely cramped URL Edit box. I'm a big tab user i usually have over 200 tabs open, IE doesnt seem to be for me. Usability fail ! pixel fixation / fetish check ! (This formatting bug only affects non-IE users doesn't it ?!)
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    I love IE9 and don't want to sound too negative but it seems Microsoft hasn't left in options for users who want more functionality in the UI. The RSS button for instance is gone, and in turn so are "web-slices" (not that they were a great success).


    The entire favourites and RSS feed system needs a revamp in the UI department- right now organising and accessing such tools is more difficult than it has to be.

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    the hotkey for search would have been really useful if it open a new tab for the search, but right now it makes the search in the current tab.. :/

    by the way, if people are seeing blurry text, try reajusting the clear type for all your monitors, that worked for me [even though i adjusted clear type before]

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    This is very beautiful.

    I have made IE9RC my default browser, however there are a few problems or rather features that i have enjoyed in other browsers that are not available in IE9.

    1. Detecting language that differs from my language settings and giving me options to translate page into my language.

    2. does not render well. Its very flacky and edges are are not very smooth.

    3. The page setup dialog - it very primitive.

    4. Some images are blurred.

    5. Ho do i see my saved passwords?

    6. Synchronise my bookmarks.


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    Paul Comanici (darkyndy)

    Yea, looks nice, but those features ware in FireFox and Chrome for a while (in some cases years) ... should I say that MicroSoft will make a better life for everyone if it will stop developing the crappiest and non standard compliant browser.

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    • Ability to move tabs to a dedicated row
    • Slight tweaking of the tab look
    • Speed of launching the browser
    • Speed of website loading

    Don't Likes:

    • How the Address/Search bar works
    • When I search for "ie 9 beta" for some reason I go directly to instead of seeing web search results... I don't like this at all, I want the search results.
    • Typical I want a search engine search, not a website in my history however when I start typing something to search with and it matches part of a URL I've been to, I get the page in my history instead of the web search I want. I'd like the opposite behavior, search first, but give me the option to click on a link that I've previously been to from the drop down.
    • The IE settings UI needs a COMPLETE overhaul, the whole 'Advanced' tab is very hard to work with.
    • Lack of ability to save my tabs on exit... This is a key feature in other browsers... Where is it in IE 9?
    • How tiny the font is in gmail (there was a page for this at microsoft anwsers which has now mysteriously dissapeared)
    • Lack of on the-fly-spell check (error underlining) in comment boxes like these
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    Tested the RC for some time now and it feels very fast and quite stable. The tabs have been improved. I've still had a preference for the Chrome tabs for quite a while but think I can get used to these tabs. Nice job.

    The next thing is how good the extensibility model is. There are some very nice extensions for other browsers in the wild that it'd be very nice to have for IE.

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    The last feature is totaly crap... IE9 has adress bar and tabs "inline" but Chrome has full size adress bar and tabs...

    Turn on feature "show tabs on dedicated row" and then compare...... THX

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    @ruiyiz IE not for human he still for Developer or alien who live outside earth. well somebody know on MSDN much thing but i find nothing. he still useless tool for outside MS developer and especially for public because interface is not carely design. he still thing that WPF is best and implementing everywhere even in a good way [VS] or wrong way [Live].
    i still see nothing customization as well as plugin addons in GC and Firefox. he still tell developer tool i think it's joke because telling about a tool by a  developer tool inside IE or not a good tool like Firebug. the joke they made in 6, 7, 8 even in 9.
    the thing they make that make me hate :-
    Still no customization , on plugin no addons still use one developer tool if you still love IE.
    Design in WPF. so first how to learn them. well the interface i not like still i love FF 4.
    i know they give no update after that they still waiting for 10 after IE 9 like Firefox make 3.6.14 after 3.6.13 and launch in a time period but IE come after a time and make heart break like IE 9 before 8 and 8 before 7.
    well i like to hea  the feature for Developer or Designer outside the thing of ASP.NET. a thing more hate me IE9 is that it's not opensource.

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    @Amit: haha! I'm sry! but it's not equal! ;) Maybe u've gotta pay more attention to differences! ;) Bing's backgroud picture shown in the IE9 is actually taller and showing more of the picture (which u can see some extra streets at the bottom of IE9 version!)
    Maybe it wasn't the best example since Bing was intentionally taking advantage of that extra space in IE9 but yea! IE9 still makes more space available to the website!

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    I use IE all the time. I also use FF, Chrome or Safari in certain cases and of course, for web page testing purposes along with Expression SuperPreview.
    I hope there will be some enhancements before final release. I'm serious, I really do!!!
    IE9 RC is great but, come on guys! IE has to be the best as promised to shut up this anti-IE people!

    Check out the links:



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    Andrew Webber FX

    RSS functionality!, now I have to enable the command toolbar = less space and ugly. Shame..

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    Yeah, point #1 is slightly misleading. If the two windows are side by side on the same monitor, then yes, IE9 shows more screen space (about a "toolbars worth", as mentioned in the video). However, side by side maximized on dual monitors, the difference is reduced to a height of a pixel or two. The real difference is what is fit into the non-screen space. In Chrome, I have 6 full tabs, 5 built in buttons (back, forward, refresh, home, tools/options), a large url bar and 15 extension buttons. In IE9, I can only fit 3 full tabs alongside 5 built-in buttons (back, forward, home, favorites, tools/options) and a smaller (but still large enough) url bar. Other than that? A whole row of wasted space.

    This is a minor complaint though, and so far I am loving IE9!

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    If you want to use the built-in RSS reader/detector, you canbring back command bar by simply right clicking at the top of the InternetExplorer 9 window.

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    If you don’t want automatic redirection, try ‘?IE9 Beta’.

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    Gouranga SundarDas

    Hi, I am trying out IE 9 RC and excited about all the new features. Unfortunately, the chat list in gmail is not loading, its come on "loading" but never loads.

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    Not sure what you mean by 'redirection'. If you're talking about my critisim of how the search address/search bar works, why should I have to use an older version of the browser? The point is the new version should not automatically go to sites... instead I'd like the search engine results. For example, I just typed in "new york times" and pressed enter and it sent my to the New York times website. What if I wanted to see sites ABOUT the New York times in the search results instead of going to the New York Times?
     I'd like the search results always please, I don't want a "i'm feeling lucky" kind of experience.

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    Completely ridiculas!

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