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Flashcards.Show Version 2 running on Windows Phone and IE

Play Flashcards.Show Version 2 running on Windows Phone and IE
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Have you ever needed to memorize a number of objects’ names, such as word definitions in a new language, animals' names, people’s names, or tree leaf shape nomenclature? If you did, you might have employed a useful tool, known as the flashcard. By creating cards with questions, pictures, or terms on one side and answers, names, and descriptions on the other side, you can more easily perform the rote memorization of a category of things. The Flashcards.Show application takes that concept and makes it easy for you to produce decks of flashcards and also enables you to play three different types of games that make it easy and fun to learn.

This is a short video presentation of the Flashcards.Show application, and a sneak-peak to behind the scenes, looking into the code and architecture of the application.

You are more than welcome to download the source code, which also includes documentation, as well as install the application.

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