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Fresh Paint Updates in Windows 8.1

Play Fresh Paint Updates in Windows 8.1
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Join Kaushik Barat a Senior Development Engineer for Fresh Paint and Chad Greene an Art Director as they discuss the new features in the upgrade to Fresh Paint. Fresh Paint is an easy to use, free app that includes oil, watercolors, pencils, and all the tools you need to paint on any Windows 8 device.

For a closer look at the updates, watch the deep dive interview.



The Discussion

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    What happened to the ability to add a background picture, draw on top of it and then remove it leaving only the drawing?
    For the less talented of us that was a really nice feature that seems to have been taken away.

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    This is really nice work. Do the brushes use tilt data if the hardware supports it?

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    @Rui You can still import background images! The easiest way to do it is "New from Image" in the dashboard of the app. Let us know if you have more questions at

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    jeff peshek

    @Erin you didn't understand the question, which was how to remove the picture and leave the tracing. this also is my question.

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    Hi ,can ask an unrelated question?

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    I agree with Rui they have removed the outline button in the update. How do you remove the background image in fresh paint while leaving the drawn images on the canvas?

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    Fresh Paint is awesome! Thank you for being so passionate about making this a great program. This was a helpful video!

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