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From retro game programming to modern day Windows Phone 7 development

Play From retro game programming to modern day Windows Phone 7 development
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There are literally only a small handful of people in the world who can create a game from scratch for the 6502 based Atari 7800 game platform. Robert Decrescenzo is one such person and has created quite a few games for the 7800 all hand coded in 6502 assembler and many of which would put commercial releases to shame that were released at the height of the 7800 consoles popularity. If your interested in learning more about these old consoles check out the forums at

With these skills as a background and some C# coding as well robert has turned his hand to game development on the Windows Phone 7 platform using C# and XNA and delivered a fun game to our app store at -

As well as using his existing development expertise Robert also took advantage of our XNA training content to get up to speed -

It is not often you meet anyone who has the skills and expertise to create and self publish a new game product in 6502 assembler for a game platform launched in 1984 and can then turn those skills over to a modern platform like Windows Phone 7

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John O'Donnell, Technical Evangelist
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