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Getting Started with the Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles

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The Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles makes it quick and easy for you to deploy one or more websites across multiple Web Role instances using Web Deploy.

In this screencast you will learn:

  • How to deploy this accelerator to Windows Azure
  • How to use the accelerator's administrator portal
  • How to deploy a web site to Windows Azure using Web Deploy

To start using this accelerator, check out the step-by-step tutorial here.

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The Discussion

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    Glad to see this idea make it into the product - I was implementing a similar method based on samples from various blogs, and this just makes it that much easier and cut a bunch of hours off my tasks.  Smiley

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    @Richard.Hein:Glad to hear it, Richard!

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    Hey Now Nathan;

    Great Video Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles.

    Thx 4 the info;


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    I am new to Azure Accelerator for web roles I have performed each step on the guidance from the net but I am getting an error when I try to deploy my website.Everything is rechecked by me WMSvc is running and is set to auto and username and password is correct but I dont understand where is the problem.

    Error 1 Web deployment task failed.(Remote agent (URL could not be contacted. Make sure the remote agent service is installed and started on the target computer.) Make sure the site name, user name, and password are correct. If the issue is not resolved, please contact your local or server administrator. Error details: Remote agent (URL could not be contacted. Make sure the remote agent service is installed and started on the target computer. An unsupported response was received. The response header 'MSDeploy.Response' was '' but 'v1' was expected. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. 0 0 QuickMVCdep

    I am tired of this error please help me as soon as possible as my work is stopped because of this.

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    I am creating menus in file.My task is to achieve controlling menus based on roles.The menus should be handled in code.
    This method avoids every time fetching database to control user on accessing menus.

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    I am done with menus,but i don't no how to use in code.Please help me by sending code.

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    Hi all,

    I've been experimenting with the Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles and I think it is exactly what I need: Multiple websites hosted on the same web role (and instances). I have managed to create websites and deploy successfully with no problems.

    However, I could not find any way to create virtual directories, set applications, set redirections etc. The features that allowed me to do this (through the Windows Azure Service Definition configuration file) do not seem to apply to web roles using the Azure Accelerator. Then how do you manage to create virtual directories and set applications etc when using the Azure Accelerator?


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