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Getting Started with the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7

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IMPORTANT: There is an updated version of this video available here.

The Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 is designed to make it easy to build phone applications that use cloud services running in Windows Azure.

In this screencast you will learn:

  • Where to download the toolkit
  • How to install and setup up the toolkit
  • How to use the new project templates

To get started, head to the CodePlex project at  For additional information, take a look at blog posts by Wade Wegner and Mariano Converti.  You can also watch Cloud Cover Episode 41 to learn more about the toolkit.



The Discussion

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    This is a great strarting place for anyone wanting to build a Phone app that saves data into the Cloud. Excellent way to show how a user gets and works with his or her own data in a secure way.

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    Great video but stop saying GO AHEAD. Please.

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    I'm getting an error installing the certificate when I try to log in to the phone app. The url is The error message is "We can't display this page right now. Error: Cannot find server or DNS error."

    Has anyone seen this?

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