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"Behind the Scenes: Microsoft, Open Source and Cloud Computing": Gianugo Rabellino | Linux 2011 Portugal event keynote

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Gianugo Rabellino, Sr. Director for Open Source Communities at Microsoft Corp., talks on the IX Open Souce Portuguese Event about Microsoft Open Source, Interoperability and Cloud Computing past, present and future strategy.

The slides for his keynote can be found here.

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The Discussion

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    Hi Gianugo Rabellino, thanks for the talk!

    I have a question, though: what's your take on the whole Microsoft suing (or not, most cases are discreetly settled) Android manufacturers.  I have read that Microsoft sued based on a patent on parallel loading of background images in a browser (basically meaning that MS can sue any browser maker!)

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    if a patent wars was to bloom big time!nobody would be winner but ibm!

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