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Git Support Added to Visual Studio and TFS

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Martin Woodward dropped in to the studio to share the news that Git repos are now fully supported on Team Foundation Service and that Microsoft has released Visual Studio Tools for Git. You can now choose which source control system you prefer, either the centralized version control provided by Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) or the distributed version control provided by Git - while maintaining the same integrated experience provided by the Visual Studio 2012, and getting all of the ALM benefits that come with TFS. Using Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Tools for Git extension, you can connect to any Git provider, whether it's Team Foundation Service or a third party.

In this short video, Martin takes us on a lightning tour of these new capabilities. If you would like to try this yourself head on over to http://tfs.visualstudio.com to get yourself an account with the Team Foundation Service, and/or download the Visual Studio Tools for Git.





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  • OMG OMG OMG. This looks awesome.  I love TFS, but honestly the source control has always been one of the worst parts of it.  Now being able to use Git, but still get the benefits of work item tracking, reporting, etc. is great!

    A couple questions:

    1 - When will this be available for Team Foundation Server (so we can use it locally, rather than having to use the Team Foundation Service cloud).

    2 - Does using a Git repo still support Check-in Policies?

  • JackJack

    Is there a dependency on Team System in order to use GitHub from Visual Studio?

  • Is there a dependency on Team System in order to use GitHub from Visual Studio?

    If I've read the linked pages correctly, no. You can create just a local Git repository when creating a project, and you can clone a project from GitHub or anywhere else.

  • , wkempf wrote


    If I've read the linked pages correctly, no. You can create just a local Git repository when creating a project, and you can clone a project from GitHub or anywhere else.

    You are correct; Visual Studio Tools for Git is designed to work with any Git repository; local, Team Foundation Service, GitHub, BitBucket, etc.

  • OlmoOlmo

    Nice move!

    Will there be some nice commit graph diagram? I think is what makes sense fog git Repos once you have non-trivial commits, (branches, submodules, etc...).

    Any plan to hire Linus :P?

  • Right now in TFS you can branch and merge code across team projects.  Will this still be possible if one team project uses TFVC and the other uses Git?

  • This is fantastic news!  Big Smile

  • @deadlydog: We've still got a way to come before we're happy enough with the features in the server to bake Git support into on premises TFS, but it will be in the "next major release of TFS" according to Brian Harry (and he's my boss so would know Wink )

    We don't have an equivalent to Check-in policies yet though we are looking at the best way of doing this with DVCS workflows to keep the benefits but give the control that people want. It might be something that git calls "Git Hooks" or it might be some other mechanism - still figuring it out. Looking forward to seeing how people use the service and the VS Tools for Git to help us figure the best approach out. 

  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    AWESOME!!! Big Smile

  • DeathByVisualStudioDeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.

    @martinwoodward: Awesome stuff! I might have to change my alias here if you keep this kind of great work up. Office on iOS and Android? TFS & VS supporting GIT? What is the world coming to?!?!? Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • I'm welling-up here. You wouldn't believe the nightmare I've had with Git on Windows with VS and the battling with (Java-centric) management about how Git is really not the amazing tool they think it is when you're a Windows/MS dev.

    Suddenly we can use all the TFS ALM, the wonderful VS UI and please the Java/Mac developers. The timing is perfect.

    Thank you!

  • Tx36Tx36

    Sweet!!! waiting for Git integration in TFS Express ;)

  • @Olmo: Yeah - branch visualization of Git log is definitely something we're looking at.  Think we should be able to do something cool here.

  • @deadlydog: At the moment you need to use Git-TF to move code between Git and TFVC repos.  We're looking to invest more in that area but that's going to be something that we need to see how people use Git and TFVC together a bit first to figure out what we need to build.  With DVCS being so different from centralised version control we're probably going to want to figure out a flow that makes people the most successful at doing this.

  • PaulSPaulS

    It seems the trend is toward distributed version control (with Git), so what is the long-term benefit for TFS to keep centralized version control?


  • @PaulS: Sorry if the following sounds a bit like "marketing speak" but the following is what I honestly believe...

    Centralized version control is not going anywhere. There are things that DVCS is good for and things that Centralized version control is good for. We want to offer choice so that you can manage your projects with the SCM workflow of your choice and still get all the benefits of the integrated, end to end ALM provided by TFS even if you have teams that are using both TFVC and Git.

  • Great job!

    Any chance this will lead to Mercurial integration?  It would seem easy to do given the similarities with git.

  • JorgeJorge


    Greetings from Venezuela country

  • @bondsbw: I'm afraid we're not planning on doing any Hg integration.  However, there is an open source VS plug-in here on CodePlex http://visualhg.codeplex.com/

  • @PaulS: I prefer centralized version control. I detest Git, in fact its the worst piece of software I have ever used, I really mean that. We have continual problems, from terrible usability/UX to reliability (it hangs or corrupts something almost weekly).

    With prolific internet access (in the Western world), I can't even see why the distributed model has taken off. In particular, I can't see why Git took a hold, considering how abysmal it is.

    Those I've worked with that love Git seem to be puritanical non-MS devs, working on Mac or Linux distros, don't believe in HTML email, and are more lightweight programmers, working in teams where there isn't vast amounts of daily change >500 lines/day average per dev.

    I think its a hobbyist tool (even for pros). That sounds like an oxymoron, but in my current team I'm working with world professionals, but they still have never seen Visual Studio, or TFS ALM or life on the MS side, and worse, they refuse to even look, such is their 90s dislike of MS. Sometimes, I think its more like East and West Berlin, and Git is a tool from East Berlin.

  • What I would like to see, is more centralization. A digest of new classes and members being worked on would be great, so I can see what other team members are all doing, whether someone else's work looks like something I could use and vice-versa.

  • AbdullaAbdulla

    Very nice video.
    However this may sound a bit silly. I would like if they also have shown how to get a repository on to a lokal pc.

  • Nick DonnellyNick Donnelly

    Excellent news.

    Love the comment 'you can use it on windows - or the Mac and all the crazy operating systems as well'.

    So Linux is crazy then ;)

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