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Head2Head Performance with IE9 RC

Play Head2Head Performance with IE9 RC

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    Foul!!!! IE9 was still running the maze app when Chrome was started. Chrome may be slower, but it will be even slower if another browser is competing for the same metal!

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    Mr Crash
    I'm still sticking with chrome because: -It's use thumb drive friendly (Internet explorer as we all know is integrated into the os, you can't even remove IE fully) -Chrome is open source friendly, the real way ! Not the microsoft way, as in contribute to open source community only for economical reasons. (ex. linux Hyper-V support) -Chrome supports open source video formats (microsoft bought a h264 license, suckers ) -Chrome follows the standards 100% (Sorry in advance, c9 will most likely mess up the text formatting, blame microsoft for their crappy software)

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