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ICSE 2011: John Rushby - Formal Methods, Verification and Some Computing History

Play ICSE 2011: John Rushby - Formal Methods, Verification and Some Computing History

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    Very interesting interview.  I started re-reading GEB: an Eternal Golden Braid, and have a new appreciation for chapter II, having become more interested in formal systems lately.  I attribute that desire to many Channel9 conversations which have lead in this direction; so I found the discussion on formal systems in this interview particularly interesting.  The concept of theorem provers, and how they work became much clearer after reading GEB chapter II.  I think I finally understand how you can perform formal verification of programs against lower level theorems and axioms, as it relates to all languages.  It's a very fascinating subject and I have a lot more to learn, so it's great to be able to tune into this conversation, and just think about.  Thanks! Big Smile

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    @Richard.Hein: Then you'll also like the one with Grigore Rosu that will air tomorrow... Wink

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