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ICSE 2011: John Rushby - Formal Methods, Verification and Some Computing History

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Meet  Dr. John Rushby, a computer scientist who runs the Formal Methods group within the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International. Dr. Rushby is a legendary scientist in the field of formal methods and verification. He has a very rich history in the fields of computer science and engineering which you will learn about by listening to John's great storytelling in this awesome conversation. Wolfram Schulte and John Rushby!! Smiley Oh, and by the way, who invented the computer mouse, anyway? Are you sure?

Tune in. Enjoy.

Recently, I got to attend ICSE 2011 and, even better, I got to record a bunch of Expert to Expert conversations with the great Wolfram Schulte and some legends in various areas of computer science and engineering. What a treat! Thank you, Wolfram!





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    Syntax Error ! Devil

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    Very interesting interview.  I started re-reading GEB: an Eternal Golden Braid, and have a new appreciation for chapter II, having become more interested in formal systems lately.  I attribute that desire to many Channel9 conversations which have lead in this direction; so I found the discussion on formal systems in this interview particularly interesting.  The concept of theorem provers, and how they work became much clearer after reading GEB chapter II.  I think I finally understand how you can perform formal verification of programs against lower level theorems and axioms, as it relates to all languages.  It's a very fascinating subject and I have a lot more to learn, so it's great to be able to tune into this conversation, and just think about.  Thanks! Big Smile

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    @Richard.Hein: Then you'll also like the one with Grigore Rosu that will air tomorrow... Wink

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