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    I should report real experience here. The download has 3 experiences in IE9 right now. I hope they fix or consilidate this. Because IMO, this is horrible in terms of consistancy.

    1) Notification. This is basically the replacement of IE8 yellow bar on top.

    2) Popup window. YES. There is a POPUP window. The Pop up window consist of Save, Save As, Open, and Cancel. Similar to the notification. But, it is a POPUP. Don't ask me how to trigger it. I did it on I believe. All in all, it is a NEW POPUP for IE9.

    3) Save As Popup. YES, another popup. This one, right click on exe and save target as. Or right click on picture and save target as. This popup is the same old IE6,7,8 style.


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    BTW, I hope they have a password manager. I mean, how do I remove the saved password? I don't want to clear every password.

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    Well, I like new IE9 but these arguments are generally a bit pointless like "My blue color is more shiny than your blue color" and this woudn't make me to buy it Smiley

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    The only thing I hate of the creation of IE9 is they don't make it compatible with XP that I believe most users are using. I'm an XP too bad IE9 is not for me. Nonetheless, I just wait for Firefox4

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    The only possible problem I have with the password notification is that this looks pretty spoof-able, as well as that a number of sites put their own bars at the bottom of the page (such as for social network aspects or logging in).

    When the current IE ActiveX and Chrome password messages pop, I'm fairly confident that they're the real deal, and should be paid attention to.

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    bob e

    I like what you have done here.  But when I leave the page with data in an unsubmitted form I still  get the pop-up "Are you sure you want to leave this page".  I do like the sound it makes it would be good if there were a small sound for all notifications as sometimes I don't realize I am being prompted. 

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    Nice feature, but less distracting doesn't mean 'more helpfull'. When you download a file, you don't want to see a 'less distracting' window, you want the 'save as' dialog.

    So in that case it's not really helping when it silently shows up at the bottom. The location however, is probably the best location. It's not at the top and blocking content, so I suppose that the bottom is the best location, but perhaps its 'best location' is dependent of the contents.



    Another thing is that every feature is compared to google chrome. That's ok, but please do not try to promote your product by saying that other products are bad. Just show the good things ofyour product.

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    @Vaso: Actually, I like this, because this behaviour in Chrome as always annoyed me, as much as I like Chrome. It's less subjective than color preferences becausenotscrolling the entire page is obviously less distracting than doing so and the whole point here is to have these notifications be discrete. It's a small improvement but it gives an overall better user experience.

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    This is really tacky on Microsoft's part. 'Their notification bar'. Hahaha. Just wait till the next version of Chrome comes out :)

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