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Implementing an MVVM MessageBus with XAML

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Using a Messag Bus to communicate between ViewModels is a very common activity when building an application based on MVVM.  In this video, I show how you can build a Message Bus that can be created on a per-page basis and easily connected to the ViewModels on a page using XAML.

For a deeper written explanation of this approach, and to download the source code for the project seen in the video, check out my blog post on



MVVM, Silverlight, WPF



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The Discussion

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    Just so everyone is not having to change the xaml in Blend. When you add a object data source it asks you for the key of the object at the top of the dialog window.

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    Any reason you are not using event aggregators provided by prism?

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    @Ganesh: Not really.  This was more of an effort to illustrate different ways to incorporate XAML and design-time support rather than deal with event routing /messaging per se.  PRISM is great, but for a lot of apps it is also overkill so this was just a nice, simple way to get some of the goodness provided by things like Event Aggregator without having to dive into PRISM.

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