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Inside Windows 8: Prashant Ratanchandani - Telemetry and Performance

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A great deal of data is collected during the alpha and beta phases (aka the Developer Preview and the Customer Preview) of Windows. As with Windows 7, Windows 8 performance telemetry is invaluable for identifying performance bottlenecks and bugs in Windows running in the real world. 

There are sophisticated performance and reliability measurement systems inside Windows. PerfTrack is one of these and is instrumental for providing Windows team engineers with highly detailed performance data (how long an app took to launch, how long an app took to shutdown, how long it took Windows to standby, to resume, etc...). Here, we meet Prashant Ratanchandani, one of the developers who works tirelessly to build/fine tune telemetric measurement algorithms for Windows client (you can imagine there is an equally robust performance telemetry system in Windows 8 Server) and to analyze performance telemetry.



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