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Inside the TechDays Belgium Apps

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This is a recording from an MSDN webcast on March 26, 2013.

Going to a technical conference like Microsoft TechDays is something many developers and it pro's look forward to a long time in advance. Three days full of great content, great speakers and the possibility to meet amazing people, learn a lot of new stuff and get in touch with new technologies. With around 80 sessions to choose from, it is not always easy to pick the ones you really want to see and to keep an overview of your own day planning.

Therefor Microsoft and three Cronos companies, Monkeyshot, Pocket-pro and AppStory, decided to enrich the event experience by developing a Windows Phone and Windows 8 app, linked together by Windows Azure.

This session will show you how these 2 apps and the full backend were developed in only a few weeks' time, which challenges had to be overcome and how the technical solution looks like.

- Download the TechDays apps: Windows 8 | Windows Phone
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    An hour's worth of effort presenting, and no time dedicated to producing decent audio. Why do we always make these silly mistakes?

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