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Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2: Web Workers Demo

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Ari Bixhorn provides a quick look at a demo of Web Workers.  This sample and the second IE10 Platform preview are available on the IE Test Drive.   



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The Discussion

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    I love the color-configurable fountains Smiley Web workers in IE. Excellent. Thank you!


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    Good work! Also remember that you should focus a lot on the time it takes to load the page. In addition to this, I can see that many Flash programs laggs the computer and makes it really slow during browsing the page. If I for instance open a newspaper site which is full of adds, my laptop gets hot really soon and the battery dies out faster since the heave CPU load.

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    I thought Ari was Steve B's speach writer. When did he jump back to IE? Does Ari blog anywhere?

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