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Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 7: HTML5 Galactic

Play Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 7: HTML5 Galactic

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    Patrick Julien

    This makes no sense to me.  Why would you use canvas for this type of operation?  WebGL is needed here.  It doesn't make the demo less impressive, just makes it harder to implement for no good reason

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    @Patrick Julien:  WebGL is not part of the HTML5 standard, this should work across all HTML5 browser, WebGL will not.

    By implementing browser specific extensions, even if they are based of a standard, how is WebGL any better than using plugins like flash and Silverlight?

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    Blue Ink

    @PerfectPhase: I agree on WebGL, even more so since I don't really like OpenGL. But I'm afraid that portability isn't the right argument in this case: considering how the other two browsers fare in the comparison, it looks like this kind of approach would only work right on IE9, making it as unportable as it gets (at least for the time being).

    This doesn't mean it's not quite impressive...

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    @PerfectPhase: Yes, It is NOT. IT IS STANDALONE W3C standard!
    You agree, that browsers should support coming W3C HTML5 standard BUT you disagree that browsers should support coming W3C WebGL standard???
    Any arguments? (But not the one that someone do not want to support this STANDARD).
    And do not lay that WebGL is browser specific extension, it is not!

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    Blue Ink

    @przemo_li: actually, WebGL is not even a W3C standard: it's an independent standard developed and maintained by the Khronos Group (who also controls OpenGL, and it shows).

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Big Smile

    @Smorg: nuff said

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